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Headcanon Asks!

☩ for a bedroom headcanon

✖ for a tattoo headcanon (One they have or one they want)

♖ for a childhood headcanon

for a song that fits them

↹ for a best friend headcanon

☾ for a sleeping headcanon 

✻ for if they are a night or day person

✄ for a drunken headcanon

♘ for a pet headcanon

❀ for their favorite season

☮ for an embarrassing headcanon

✈ for a traveling headcanon

⊗  for a completely random headcanon

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Sad II [Starter Sentences]

  • "Are we dying?"

  • "At least let me hug you before you go."

  • "Do you really have to go so soon?"

  • "Go, your flight leaves soon."

  • "How lucky I am to have somebody like you that makes goodbyes like these so hard."

  • "I just feel like I'm losing you."

  • "I love you so much, _____, and you need to remember that, no matter how far away you are."

  • "I stopped missing you."

  • "I used to miss you so much."

  • "I'll miss you."

  • "It's an honor to have my heart broken by you."

  • "It's going to be hard to forget you; you've given me so much to remember."

  • "My heart hurts."

  • "No, please don't cry."

  • "Say something nice at my funeral, please."

  • "So, this is goodbye."

  • "Well, just lay here with me, then, until you have to go."

  • "Thank you for giving me a home for so long; but I can't stay."

  • "This is so hard."

  • "This is the worst kind of goodbye."

  • "You can't just leave like this."










This is legit. x

And x

New Zealand finally gets the spotlight

Apparently USA is only #7



even canada’s higher than you america


I feel obligated to reblog every post that has the Robin Sparkles gif in it.

why is that even so surprising america treats people like shit

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agentevelynhalliwell asked:

"Just let me die."


How did this even happen? Lately, Eve has been getting pretty badly hurt a lot… just what was she getting herself into? “No… I can’t do that…”

"But I’m so much pain, please just end it!" Eve pleaded with him as she looked up at him from her bed, she was covering in bandages, the group of Youkai did a number on her this time. 

The mermaid and the monster. Closed rp



Eve popped her her head up from the water floating near a rock. She watched the shore of the beach only her eyes could be seen, like a crocodile.

Jason had a lot on his mind, so the beach was a great place to start thinking. He was skipping rocks across the sea, watching them bounce was relaxing. One stone had gone in direction of a bigger rock. The young boy saw the eyes of the mermaid and was shocked. “Hello?” He muttered. “Hello!” He said, speaking up.

Eve watched as a boy walked onto the shore he was throwing rocks into the sea, but they were skipping on the surface. She hid when he called out, she was told to never interact with humans. “Um hello.” She called back faintly.

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