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Date of birth: 1st May

(( Not actually Ellie Goulding. ))

(( An OC from the Avengers, Charmed and Gunslinger Girls with a little bit of Supernatural. Also Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ))

(( An independent Roleplay account. I am happy to RP AU or mult-verse. I am happy to rp with any fandom. Multi-shipping blog. ))

Icons for Ellie are by electrapussy, demicloser, selesafada, mirrorsofmalik, oncebtr, glowscalum, halcyotaria for Eve (main fc).

voguesemi, arigbuteraz, opsweasley for Eve (2nd fc ) (more may be added later )

(for younger eve - willow shields) jomoholica, dearjosh, quarterqueIls (may add more later)

(( FC for mun: Kobato Hanato. Credits for icons are: anime-icon-plaza, kawaii-icon-plaza, requestanimeicons, ))

FC: Ellie Goulding and Emma Watson
FC for male Eve: Alex Pettyfer

(( I do not own the art, images,unless stated, the fandoms I got my inspiration from they go to their own owners. Eve is a mixture of fandoms I only own the OC and the account. ))

(( Please read the about Eve ))

M!A: None but accepting.

Relationship status: (Main verse) Taken by Iggy: . (maybe subject to change)
(AUs single)

Hello my name is Evelyn Halliwell, yes I am a relative of the Halliwell sisters as they are my aunties. I am part of S.H.I.E.L.D

I work mainly for the Council and Fury. I was put in a project for experiments on human DNA it made my eyes change colour with how I am feeling I wear glasses to un-focus my eyes which are 20 x 20, it also means that I have a cybernetic chip/ implant in me it has increased my strength and reflexes to that of a trained assassin this was when I worked for the SWA or Social Welfare Agency where I was an assassin.

I work for MI6 as well from time to time however Fury doesn't know this.

I am about 19 years old (or there about).

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"You look fabulous. It is definitely your style and the shoes are to die for. You will turn heads. That’s for sure."


Eve grumbled as she slightly wobbled her way over to Pepper. “I’m not comfortable in this dress I feel to vulnerable and it’s to tight to fight in. The heels feel weird and uncomfortable.” She complained to the other women.  

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Leave me “I should have known it’d be you,” and I’ll generate a number between 1-25 to see how my character would kill yours.



Angst and Trigger Warnings do apply to many of these prompts. Some are a bit silly and stupid thrown in.

*Please be careful to only send answers to actual roleplay blogs. Try to avoid sending them to RPHs and meme archives that host the meme (such as its creator, inboxideas). Please do not remove this notice. Thank you and happy roleplaying!

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(( What’s the news? ))


I’m gonna go through a surgery and get a month break from the army.

(( What’s the surgery? ))

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(( Going to bed love you all as friends. I’ll do any replies tomorrow. Might just lurk until I fall asleep.))

(( Going to bed love you all as friends. I’ll do any replies tomorrow. Might just lurk until I fall asleep.))

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Give my muse a dessert to show how your muse feels about mine.

Chocolate Truffles:Love
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries:Lust
Red Velvet Cake:Secret Admirer
Cherry Pie:Adoration
Sugar Cookies:Shyness
Angel Food Cake:Innocence
Lemon Tart:Inspiration
Rice Pudding:Distrust
Mint Candies:Jealousy
Saltwater Taffy:Regret
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